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Dave Mulder

Sole Proprietor 

Prior to CFSI, Dave Mulder was the Vice President and CTO of IRESS Market Technology Canada LP. IRESS Market Technology Canada is a leading provider of high performance trading, automated order management, smart order routing, market data, and compliance monitoring solutions for both Buy-side and Sell-side clients.

Mr. Mulder started his career with TIL Systems Ltd., the designer and provider of the first electronic trading terminal for the Toronto Stock Exchange's CATS (Computer Assisted Trading System). TIL was for many years the leading provider of market data and trading workstation technology in Canada. While at TIL Systems, later renamed Kasten Chase Applied Research, Dave was involved in a wide variety of technology projects supporting brokers, exchanges and market data vendors. As a pioneer in electronic trading, he took a leadership role in the installation and launch of CATS trading in Paris, Brussels, Madrid and three smaller exchanges in Spain. Most notably, was the chief architect of the Kasten Chase Trading System (KTA) acquired by ITG Canada in 2001 and later acquired by IRESS in 2004. Dave was also the chief architect of two of the most widely used Canadian smart order routers when multiple markets were re-introduced in Canada.

Dave's primary activities at CFSI are in the areas of business and technical consulting and design/provision of small scale technology and software solutioning.


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